of planning out your IT Strategy has begun.You have already selected the network architecture, protocols and networking components that will ensure your company's competitive position into the future. Only one step left. All you have to do now is deploy a structured cabling system that will optimize your IT strategy.

There is a frequently quoted networking axiom that says,

"Networks never run slower; networks never get smaller; and, networks never remain the same".

Although this is a seemingly unremarkable statement, it packs a powerful message: successful network planning must anticipate unknown future demands for greater performance, increased capacity and inevitable change.

While many elements of your IT infrastructure can be upgraded through software and hardware changes, upgrading the performance and capacity of your physical cabling system may not be so easy. A structured cabling system forms the working foundation of your overall IT systems investment. A well designed cabling system will optimize the performance of your IT strategies, while a poorly designed cabling plant can become a source of chronic problems. As you look to the future, be sure to implement a structured cabling system that meets your needs of today while providing the inherent capacity for growth necessary to satisfy your needs for the future.

NORDX/CDT understands that IT managers are faced with a dizzying array of new technologies, trends and indicators, as well as a constantly changing set of user and business requirements. Trends like the convergence of voice, data and imaging; e-commerce, the emergence of virtual reality and the automation of nearly every process in your business, make effective planning a real challenge. Combine these issues with the dawning of GigaHertz workstation technologies and the complexity of network planning evolves from "challenging" to "overwhelming".

For more than 100 years, NORDX/CDT has been a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of cabling products and structured cabling systems.

All of our products are designed and manufactured under the most stringent quality guidelines in ISO-9001 certified facilities. Every year, NORDX/CDT invests substantially in Research and Development programs to ensure that we remain at the forefront of our industry with technologically advanced products, allowing us to continuously provide the most state-of-the-art systems available.

NORDX/CDT has long been influential in the cabling industry. Several of our employees are currently leading authorities within the TIA/EIA, as well as other respected standard-setting bodies. In 1986, NORDX/CDT was the first to introduce the concept of structured cabling. And in 1991, our company proposed performance specifications for Categories 3, 4 and 5 cables that were eventually adopted by the TIA. NORDX/CDT was also the first company to market an end-to-end Category 5 structured cabling system. With the introduction of the IBDN Gigabit Cabling Solutions, and more recently the IBDN System 4800LX, NORDX/CDT has once again proven itself as the leader in cabling systems.

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IBDN represents a NORDX/CDT manufactured, end-to-end structured cabling system that is designed to perform well above the standards. IBDN provides for application independence, multiple logical topologies and easy moves, adds and changes. In other words, installing an IBDN system allows you to build an information infrastructure that will evolve with the changes in your organization, as well as innovations in technology, to constantly keep your work environment competitive. All IBDN systems are intentionally designed with abundant built-in performance margin; headroom to ensure that your investment is well protected for the future.

Your channel performance is dependent on component interaction and is only as strong as its weakest link. Mismatched components may not have been a serious issue in many 10 Mb/s or even 100 Mb/s transmission environments, but with gigabit networking, your system is much more sensitive to impedance mismatch and stability which can disrupt data transmission. NORDX/CDT provides a complete range of cabling components of superior quality and design that have been tested together as a system. You can mix and match IBDN products to suit your unique design and still be assured that you have a fully integrated system that will optimize your IT strategy.

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NORDX/CDT recognizes that since standards are continuously moving targets, it is absolutely necessary to invest in a system whose components are compatible with already existing infrastructures.

The TIA/EIA recently issued a mandate calling for the upcoming Category 6 technology to include performance criteria ensuring backwards compatibility, meaning that mating a Category 6 plug with a Category 5e cord will at least give a Category 5e performance. If components are not designed to meet the backwards compatibility requirement, the use of advanced cabling alongside an existing range of lower category cabling products could actually degrade system performance as a whole.

All IBDN systems are designed to be completely backwards compatible to ensure optimal performance without rendering your initial investment obsolete. By choosing one of the IBDN Gigabit Systems offered by NORDX/CDT, optimal performance of your IT strategy is complemented by a guarantee that your existing investment will not be compromised.

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Your cabling system forms the critical foundation of your IT strategy; as one of the pioneers of structured cabling system concepts and standards, NORDX/CDT understands the key role that cabling plays in your networking systems. As a result, NORDX/CDT has always followed a philosophy of providing advanced cabling systems that significantly exceed the performance needs, and standards requirements of today in anticipation of the inevitable increased demands of tomorrow. IBDN is the cabling infrastructure that will optimize your IT strategy for today, tomorrow and for "What's Coming Next".

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NORDX/CDT was the first manufacturer to develop and introduce the concept of Certification for structured cabling systems. The objective of the program is to facilitate the customer's purchasing decisions by providing no-nonsense warranties that guarantee system performance and product quality. Today, more than 10,000 IBDN Certified Systems have been installed worldwide, supporting the critical networking needs of thousands of companies and millions of users every day.

NORDX/CDT's Certification Program for IBDN Structured Cabling Systems surpasses conventional product warranties by adding important new guarantees that include end-to-end system performance and full compliance with cabling industry standards specifications.

Every IBDN Certified Strucured Cabling System is supported by the industry's strongest warranty program including: 25-Year Component Warranty. Should any IBDN component fail due to defects in materials, design or workmanship, NORDX/CDT and your Certified System Vendor (CSV) will repair or replace the component, including labour, at no cost to the customer.

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